Chris Florio

Software Taught

Game Design and App Development
Unity Engine (C# and Javascript programming)
Unreal Engine (C++ and Blueprint)
Flash Builder (using Actionscript, Papervision and Away3D)
Adobe Air
Adobe XD
2D Animation and Motion Graphics
Flash and Adobe Animate (all versions from FutureSplash to present)
After Effects (all versions from COSA to present)
Apple Motion
3D Modeling and Animation
Autodesk Maya
Maxon Cinema 4D
Specular Infinity
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Corel Painter
Avid Pro Tools
Avid Sibelius
Ableton Live
Apple Logic
Apple Mainstage
Apple Garageband
Propellerhead Reason
MOTU Digital Performer
Adobe Audition
Video Production
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Apple Final Cut Pro
Avid (Media Composer and other systems)
Quicktime Developers Toolkit
Adobe Media Encoder
Web Design Tools
Adobe Dreamweaver
HTML, CSS, Javascript
Visual Performance Tools
Resolume Avenue
Arkaos VJ
Cycling 74 Jitter (with MAX/MSP and Lemur)