Chris Florio

Classes Taught - College Level


Communications University of China (Beijing)
ART260 - 3D Modeling and Animation for Games
ARTC-405, 406 - Senior Thesis I and II
ARTG-402 - Interactive Book Design
ADVG-220 - Media Production
ARTC-410 - Digital Art Portfolio
ARTG-352 - Editorial Design

Northeastern University
CPD (Graduate course)  - Game Programming

Lesley University 
HSCH - Digital 3D Animation
AN - Game Deisgn and Programming

Mount Ida College 
GM120B - GameDesign
GM402 - Game Programming
GM325 - Game Studio
AX350 - Animation Post Production & Audio

New England Institute of Art
GAD2100 - Game Design (Unity3D)
GAD3400 - Game Programming for the Artist(Unity3D)
GAD3600 - Level Design
GAD4100 - Game Prototyping
GAD4200 - Advanced Game Prototyping
GAD4500 - Game Production Team
WDIM 230 - Audio for Multimedia
WDIM 240 - Video Production
WDIM 260 - Animated Graphics for the Web
WDIM 340 - Video Compositing (After Effects)
WDIM 360 - Interactive Graphics
WDIM 430 - Game Audio
WDIM 451 - Interactive Video
WDIM 453 - Interactive Performance
WDIM 454 - Adobe AIR for Desktop and Mobile
WDIM 460 - Game Programming (Actionscript)
MAA261 - Interactive Animation
MAA310 - Video & Audio Editing
MAA4100 - Digital Compositing
AMT160 - Digital Audio & Media (Pro Tools)
AMT120 - MIDI Production    
BUS110 - Survey of Music Business
EN3990 - Industry Field Experience

Emerson College Interactive
Web Design After Effects Production (Graduate Course)
Flash Animation
Audio & Visual Effects
Interactive Development

Northeastern University
Survey of Interactive Media Applications (Graduate Course - English Department)

University of Massachusetts Lowell
2D and 3D Animation Video Production
Video Editing FX & Compositing

Museum School of Fine Arts
Flash Animation
Interactive Development (Director)

Interactive Factory
taught courses on
Adobe Premiere
Flash Animation
Adobe After Effects
Actionscript Programming
Adobe Photoshop
Macromedia Director
HTML Development
Pro Tools
Corel Painter
Video Streaming